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10 November 2014, 07:49 PM
Question: How do YouTubers edit their videos?
okay so i have wanted to do youtube for a long time but the when it came to it i couldn't edit the video together i started to use windows movie maker but thats not very good i want to be able to create high quality videos. i have a windows laptop and i am willing to pay but i don't want to pay monthly for it i want to pay once and then own it
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The YouTubers you admire didn't install an $800 editor, sit down with 40 minutes of clips and create a masterpiece. If you've never edited a video, start small and work your way up - or you're asking for a lot of frustration. Editors are toolboxes and the bigger the editor the more tools it contains. If you don't know the basic workflow and the basic tools, you're going to be lost. The worse thing about editing tools is that the better the program, the more adjusting the editor (YOU!) have to do with them. Yes, you can "apply" an effect but you've also got to apply the settings to make it work.

Read my long (and complete) answer to a similar question. Besides the program, you've got to have a computer that can handle both the program and the huge video files the program is going to produce.
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