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10 November 2014, 07:49 PM
Question: How do i make my video cassette play back clearly?
I have a 1992 TDK casette that plays everything high pitch and the screen seems to be glitching all over the place. It's my parents' wedding tape. Someone please help me solve this problem, preferably a home remedy, as soon as possible:)
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Are either of your parents from outside the USA/North America?
I ask because I have another guess: This tape was not recorded in NTSC video. It was recorded in PAL or SECAM.
That would raise the audio pitch by 20% and it would make the video un-playable.

I think that's likely the case, since being a wedding tape one would think it was produced by a professional, so it would have been produced in SP mode for the best possible quality (and wedding tapes are usually less than 2 hours long so it wouldn't need the longer play time of LP or SLP [aka EP]).

But if the pitch and speed is 2 or 3 times higher, not 20% higher, then it could be a wrong playback speed issue, playing at SP (which is 2x LP and 3x SLP [aka EP] speed)

VHS machines let you choose a record speed, but playback speed is automatic.
Either the machine you are using doesn't support the speed the tape was recorded at (some machines did not do LP, just SP and SLP) -- OR -- The control track, recorded on the lower edge of the tape, is damaged on this tape, making the VCR unable to sense the correct speed to play it at.
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