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10 November 2014, 07:49 PM
Question: 1080p Led vs 720p Plasma?
I have done plenty of research on two televisions the 51inch Samsung Plasma and the 48inch Insignia Led-Lcd. The Samsung Plasma has excellent black levels, Colors, Motion and Viewing Angle. The Insignia Led-Lcd has good Black Levels, good colors, great motion and bad viewing angle. So my question is the should I go with the Plasma thats only 720p with excellent picture quality or the Led-Lcd that is full 1080p with good picture quality?
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First: Samsung is a top-tier television maker while Insignia is a bottom-barrel brand. If you want something reliable - go with the Samsung.

I am a huge fan of 720 plasma televisions for video gamers. It solves a lot of problems that LCD panels have with fast moving objects.

Having said that - for more normal television viewing, a LCD/LED panel is more common and there are lots of models to choose from.

I would even prefer you look at Vizio over Insignia.


Plasmas run hot - Yes the models from 8-10 years ago had this problem but the current generation run a lot cooler and use a lot less energy.

Plasma have problems - Again - from 8-10 years ago. Right now there are some plasma televisions in my office on ceiling mounts displaying status updates that have been running 24/7 for the last four years.

Plasmas have burn-in problems: True - but if you use a Pixar movie and the test-patterns found to turn down the brightness and contrast to sane levels, then take care to watch a mix of full-frame TV, games, etc., in the first 100 hours, you should not have any burn in problem.

All glass screens (even CRT) have burn in problems. The trick is to get a uniform burn in the critical first 100 hours of use.

Hope this helps.
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