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10 November 2014, 07:49 PM
Question: Can I watch my sd basic xfinity cable on my new hd tv?
I'm bout to buy a hd tv soon so I can play my Xbox one and now I have a old fat tv with my cable hooked up at the back , will I be able to do this with my new tv or will I have to get a hd box in order to continue watching my basic cable?
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It is not clear if it will work. Call your cable company.

You may have cable service where they convert the new digital signals back to analog for customers with older SD sets. SOMETIMES they include the new digital versions and even the free HD versions of ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. all in the cable.

If Xfinity does this then a new HDTV will work just fine.

But many cable companies have stopped sending the digital signals down the coax. They require you to get a cable box to get digital & HD channels and this usually costs $5-$10/month.

If the box includes DVR service - then it is totally worth it.

But every cable system is different so call Xfinity and ask.
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