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10 November 2014, 07:49 PM
Question: How to make SD movies on computer look HD on tv?
So I have these downloaded movies from itunes in SD format, and when I watch them on the ipad, they look fine, but when I try to watch them on the tv through the computer, they look decent but I wouldn't mind them being a little more..closer to HD to make it look a bit sharper, doesn't have to be perfect HD but close enough. Anyone know how?
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You can't "make SD look HD".

The SD version only has so much data. HDTVs can try to upscale the signal but this is just a fancy version of stretching the dots and guessing what would go in-between. It's adding information that wasn't originally part of the file, and is going to cause the picture to be fuzzy.

So if you want HD, you have to stick with a source that is HD.
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