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20 May 2017, 01:57 AM
Question: I want to drop cable tv bundle?
Update: I want to keep internet only and get one of those android
tv boxes. In other words, how do I get out of cable tv bundle?
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This might take some work. Between streaming services with low rates and low cost antennas, everyone is cutting cable. I had the unfortunate experience of moving into an apartment where the only internet provider is comcast. The rep argued with me for 30 minutes, kept trying to sell me cable, eventually she told me that I would have to hold for a manager as she was not allowed to sell internet only plans. I ended up buying online and I still get sales calls all the time trying to get me to upgrade. You are going to have a hell of a time getting your cable canceled and just keeping your internet. If you have more then one provider, your best bet might be to cancel your current package entirely and then buy a internet only plan. I only suggest this as your first tier reps are for lack of a better term, not allowed to put you on a internet only plan and will fight you tooth and nail. If you ask to cancel the whole thing, they cannot stop you.
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